Coding font roundup

As a followup of the poll about “What coding font do you use?” on Rails Envy, here are the results and a PDF showing all the fonts for comparison:

  1. Monaco (37%)
  2. Bitstream Vera Sans Mono (20%)
  3. Consolas (14%)
  4. Deja Vu (5%)
  5. Inconsolata (4%)
  6. Liberation Mono (2%)
  7. Pro Font (2%)
  8. Courier New (1.5%)
  9. Lucida Console (1%)
  10. Monospace (1%)

Some old favourites in there, but they seem to be going out of style in favor of the new ones. Consolas is one of the new fonts that ships with Windows Vista (or was it Office 2007?), Bitstream Vera Sans Mono is the font Ryan Bates at Railscasts uses and (I think) Monaco is the default font in Textmate.

Check out the pdf here. I use Consolas ;)

Update: I’ve heard that some users can’t view all the fonts in the PDF, so here’s a PNG of all the pages put together.

3 thoughts on “Coding font roundup

  1. Bitstream Vera has a long history from the Gnome project but I think it was popularized in DHH’s original Rails screencasts. I started using because of them, but have switched to Inconsolata since then (thanks to John Barnette).

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