How to recruit an IT professional

“Hi person! Did you enjoy your breakfast? I have the best job ever for you, but I will not tell you much about it. Call me today to find out more!”

In my few years of experience as an IT professional, I have been approached by quite a few recruiters whose messages I have not given more than 1 minute of my time. Some of them did get a response, but mostly a negative one. I would say only about one in ten messages warrants reading further than the first paragraph.

Why is this though? Surely helping potential employers and potential employees get together is a worthwhile venture for all parties involved? Since I am convinced that not all recruiters have the “spam-do” attitude and that people can improve, I’ve written this post to hopefully make the world a better place :-)

Looking through my e-mail and LinkedIn message history, I’ve made a list of things recruiters could do to pique my interest. Most of these points will probably apply to other fields of business as well.

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