Minecraft mod – Fast Leaf Decay

One thing that’s always bothered me while playing Minecraft, is that when you cut down a tree the leaves stay in the air for what seems like an eternity. I’m currently running a small Minecraft server for a few colleagues and friends, and since I’ve made the move to modded Minecraft quite a while ago, I was sure there is would be a mod that fixes this. And there is – Random Things by lumien.

The problem is that we currently use a mod pack which does not include this mod, and I would prefer not to have to tell the players on my server that they have to add a separate mod every time they update the pack. So, being a developer and considering Random Things is open source and under the MIT license, I extracted the desired functionality into a mod of my own: FastLeafDecay (GitHub).

This was my first foray into Java since I left university, as well as my first GitHub project. I have to say I’m impressed with the work MCP and Forge take off your hands when it comes to making mods, despite how difficult Mojang insists on making it. After setting up the project, all that was left was finding the code that “fixes” the leaves. While I’m still not entirely sure what it does, it certainly looks impressive and I take my imaginary hat off to lumien for this!

I hope someone enjoys this. This version of the mod only fixes the leaf decay, has no configuration settings and most importantly does not need to be installed on the clients.